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October 14, 2016

After a few aborted attempts, I finally have a system for uploading pictures of your character! If you'd like to add a picture, go to the story page for your character sheet. I'm pretty happy with it for now, but let me know what you think!

October 10, 2016

I made a couple small additions to the character sheet over the last week. Here's the rundown

September 22, 2016

I've got a few quick updates for you this time:

September 18, 2016

Feature improvement time! So, the spell/cantrip system never really jelled with me and I had been longing to replace it with something much more user friendly. So, that is what I've done. The whole spell/cantrip system has been redone. Here's a list of the changes:

This is a pretty big change. Since it will affect most everybody using the spells page, I'd like to hear what people think. Is it better? Is it frustrating? Need help finding your old stuff? Write to me at and I'll write back!

May 17, 2016

I recently received an email from a friendly user, pointing out a couple of bugs and irritations in the code for the site. While small, the represented an issue for him so I sought to address them quickly and have implemented those changes today. So, if you find a bug or have an idea for an improvement, let me know! I'd like to make this site the best it can be!

April 4, 2016

It's been a long time since I've updated the site, but I wanted to give an update for what's been going down. I've been trying to implement an asychronous update system for the character sheet which would (in theory) severely reduce the need for you to keep hitting that update button. The idea is it woul dmake your life easier when updating the character sheet with more current information. That said, it's proving troublesome so I'm taking a few steps to make future development a bit easier. These steps are as follows:

So that's what I have been working on slowly. There should be some broken jankiness fixed as well. I apologize if that interupted your experience with the character sheet. Hopefully I can get something cool working and implement it soon.

October 9, 2015

So it's a new week and I haven't made a huge amount of progress updating and fixing the site. That said, I made a couple more posts to Reddit about the current state of the site and got some amazing feedback! I also had the opportunity to play another session of 5e over the last weekend and got to see how DMRoyale performs in an actual real-world session. So far, I think it works pretty great! I also came up with a whole bunch of ideas and features which would make the experience even easier and better for the user. So, I've got a long list of to-dos which I'll be knocking out over the next week or two. Until then, here are the latest bug fixes and new features as of 10/09/2015.

Bug Fixes

New Features


September 29, 2015

Here are the latest bug fixes and new features as of 9/29/2015.

Bug Fixes

New Features

There's a few cool new features here. I have some more things coming to give more power to the DM in the campaign manager, plus plans to implement spell descriptions. I should probably do a write-up on what this site is supposed to be for and about.


September 25, 2015

So I'm still plugging away on the last of the suggestions from Reddit. I've reached out to a few buddies of mine that I play D&D with and got some geed feedback too. Here's a list the latest bug fixes and new features as of 9/25/2015.

Bug Fixes

New Features

That's all for today. I'll post back when there's more!


September 6, 2015

So last month I made a whole bunch of posts to Reddit about the site. My main goal was to seek out advice from users familiar with web development, design and folks familiar with D&D. Specifically, the 5e flavor. I got a huge amount of feedback, some of which was incredibly valuable. I've done my best to implement changes that seemed they would improve the site and learned a whole bunch of new stuff in the process. The key take away here is that if I want this thing to be successful, it needs to be more convenient than the paper on the table in front of you. Which is pretty damn convenient already. Well, this can only get better from here!



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